Estate Planning & Business Law Attorney in Columbia, MO

Tom Luckenbill is the principal attorney at Luckenbill Law Firm, LLC in Columbia, MO and has over twenty-two years of experience as a practicing attorney and financial consultant.

Tom will employ his substantial experience and expertise to navigate the complicated waters of estate planning in a fashion tailored to fit your family’s specific situation. Where other firms leave many important decisions up for the creator of the plan to “take the best guess”, at Luckenbill Law Firm, LLC, we provide counseling to help you through your business law cases and other potential estate planning pitfalls.

It is especially important that estate work is done correctly because if not done or if done in a less than proper fashion, the surviving family members are left to clean up any problems. The cleanup of these problems can be very burdensome in terms of time, money, and damage to family relationships.

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Tom Luckenbill

Principal Attorney

Luckenbill Law Firm, LLC takes pride in being able to provide one-on-one counseling with each client, ensuring that their needs and wishes are met and established during the estate planning process. While there are online legal services sites that may offer more cost effective alternatives for estate planning, they cannot provide you with the expertise, consideration, and care that Luckenbill Law Firm, LLC can. No matter the decision you make, I sincerely hope that you find an alternative method that accomplishes at least most of your goals for the benefit of yourself and the loved ones that you leave behind.